Navy Mutual Aid Association

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Navy Mutual Aid Association

Segue Technologies Inc.® provides Navy Mutual with on-site support for Help Desk operations and .NET development.

About the Client

The Navy Mutual Aid Association (Navy Mutual), a non-profit, federally tax-exempt, mutual benefit Veteran's Service Organization established in 1879, provides exceptional life insurance and annuity products, assisting sea service members and their survivors in securing the federal benefit to which they are legally entitled, and providing education on matters of financial security, which are specifically tailored to the military member and their family.

The Challenge

Navy Mutual had an immediate need to enhance their internal IT support capabilities with highly-qualified staff for specialized tasks. They focused on a staff augmentation path of partnering with a company with solid experience in IT support and development, who had fully-capable and available incumbent staff.

In addition, Navy Mutual required solid analysis and development skills to modernize and enhance the capabilities of their online Customer Portal.

The Solution

Segue Technologies Inc.® provided Navy Mutual with on-site support for Help Desk operations, database administration, and .NET development. We supplied full-time, dedicated personnel who worked as an integrated part of their IT operations over several years. Segue also provided additional surge staffing support to cover short-term needs. This relationship was mutually beneficial as Navy Mutual was able to apply specific technology experts to individual tasks for which they would have otherwise required full-time resources. At the same time, Segue was able to balance our workforce across this and other projects, adding to our interesting mosaic of customers and projects.

Navy Mutual operates an online Customer Portal, providing direct access to services for their wide range of customers. While upgrading their backend systems and processes, Navy Mutual recognized that more areas of customer and self service could be made available through the Portal. Segue collaborated with Navy Mutual leadership and staff to assess current web and related system capabilities, and identified those areas which could be technically supported by backend systems. We focused on both capability and expected performance of each desired feature, making recommendations and (later) code changes to deliver improved customer service capabilities. We addressed compatibility with existing manual processes to minimize disruption as features were rolled out.

When the time came for Navy Mutual to redesign their Customer Portal, Segue was prepared. Our direct experience with Navy Mutual’s IT systems, as well the results of our system analysis, meant that we were uniquely positioned to provide implementation assistance. We crafted a set of .NET application services that were specifically developed to integrate with Navy Mutual’s backend systems. The result: a greatly improved and more functional customer web portal which continues to give Navy Mutual’s policyholders an improved customer experience.