Automated Business Services System (ABSS) Sustainment and Support

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Automated Business Services System (ABSS) Sustainment and Support

Segue Technologies, Inc.® provides comprehensive system maintenance and sustainment support for the USAF AFLCMC/HIBQ ABSS system.

For ABSS helpdesk issues, please send an email to AFFSO/Customer Service Org Mailbox <>.

About the Client

The Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) Directorate is the Information Technology (IT) leader for the Air Force community and Department of Defense (DoD). They deliver IT solutions and provide expert contracting, acquisition support and program management. The BES portfolio is comprised of more than 150 programs and 2,300 military, civil service and contractor support personnel located at four bases throughout the United States, with total funding of $1.025 billion. The BES acquires, operates, sustains and enables enterprise IT capabilities while bolstering the modernization of the infrastructure to support the warfighter across the combat and mission support spectrum.

AFLCMC/HIB is the BES Business Systems Division, which provides business solutions that meet Air Force Enterprise needs. The management of the core legacy financial systems is the role of the HIBQ division located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB). One of those financial systems is the Automated Business Services System (ABSS). It is the Air Force system of record for financial commitments and provides the warfighter the capability to create and process commitment and obligation documents for goods and services, including maintenance of aircraft and weapon systems. ABSS produced over 375,000 documents in excess of $88B in FY18 and Segue performs the sole maintenance of the systems that perform all those transactions.

The Challenge

AFLCMC/HIBQ, the core legacy financial systems branch of the Business Systems Division (BES) is the Program Management Office (PMO) of ABSS. HIBQ required contracted IT services to provide maintenance and sustainment support for ABSS. The system was first developed in the mid to late 1990s and grew tremendously through the past 20 years, supporting over 20,0000 users throughout the world, who rely on ABSS to create and process their financial documents. Despite ABSS usage having diminished the past few years due to being a sunset legacy system (to be subsumed by Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS) in the near future), there still was a critical need to expertly and leanly support this unique legacy system and its users.

The Solution

To support ABSS in meeting the AFCLMC/HIBQ mission, Segue partnered with the incumbent and long-time ABSS support contractor with the technical and functional SMEs required to proficiently satisfy all customer expectations. Segue, supplementing the team with other technical and functional personnel and a smart staffing and program management plan, developed an effective, cross-functional team to perform sustainment and maintenance, as well as Help Desk support. Team Segue currently provides the sole Unix and Oracle administrative support, software development, customer support, information system security and technical consulting support to the ABSS program. To keep the systems current with all information assurance-related requirements, we provide technical cost-saving solutions, which ensure ABSS maintains its security posture. Segue knows the system architecture components that are most critical and timely to address and continually monitors ABSS hardware and software for end-of-life events and other program obstacles, making technical recommendations for maintaining and securing system components.