AFSPC Modeling, Simulation and Analytical (MS&A) Support

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AFSPC Modeling, Simulation and Analytical (MS&A) Support

Segue Technologies® provides modeling and simulation tool development and sustainment in support of the AFSPC mission.

About the Client

Headquarters Air Force Space Command (HQ AFSPC) fosters objective and responsive modeling and simulation (M&S) and decision support for space and cyberspace analyses, and assessments; and provides science & technology expertise to decision makers, warfighters, and the national space and cyberspace community.

The Challenge

The Air Force was in need of a Contractor with strong modeling and simulation and analytical (MS&A) support tool software development capabilities to provide technical and support requirements. Support was needed in the areas of MS&A research and development of tools, authoritative data, web-enabled portal capabilities, and integration of all functionalities.

The Solution

Segue, with a team of technical partners and subject matter experts, provides MS&A research, development, and analytic support to HQ AFSPC through modification and development of space and cyberspace M&S models and analytical decision support tools and data to provide innovative space and cyberspace M&S information research, management, and integration.

Our team has engaged in supporting HQ AFSPC's mission via the following efforts:

  • Standardize space, cyberspace, and missile information and data to support M&S efforts, and make the data available through a reliable repository
  • Update, modify, and develop M&S models and decision support tools that represent space systems (including cyberspace and missiles) and support the Space, Cyberspace, and DoD analysis communities.
  • Perform maintenance tasks on the Space and Cyberspace Analysis Resource Portal (SARP) according to Information Technology (IT) industry best-practices and AF network policies and procedures.
  • Support AFSPC/A9 with concept development, planning, execution and packaging results of Military Utility Analysis (MUA).