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 Segue Technologies®' Systems Administrators supported the MCNOSC Tier III network


System Administration

About the Client

The Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center (MCNOSC) is the USMC-wide operational, organizational, and technical construct for operating and defending the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) from the core to the tactical edge.

The Challenge

MCNOSC NETOPS relies on the understanding, application, and integration of information technology, technology standards, and standard processes that provide traditional systems and network management (Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management, and Security Management); information and infrastructure protection; and the ability to maneuver information across Global Information Grid terrestrial, space, airborne and wireless environments.

The Solution

As part of the Smartronix team, Segue Technologies®' Systems Administrators supported the MCNOSC Tier III network at MAGTF IT Support Centers (MITSC) Network Operation System (NOS), single site, and the MCNOSC NOS level. The MAGTF IT Support Centers (MITSC) provide the distributive element of the MAGTF C2 construct and System of Systems that provides the end-to-end C2 capability for the Marine Corps. Segue Systems Administrators provided systems design and administration support for the migration from the NMCI environment to a newly-deployed SIPRNET environment. Segue staff provided key support for enterprise systems including Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007 and Network Appliance storage, as well as maintained and architected the virtualized environment, which was built upon VMware ESX server.