Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Segue Technologies® develops native Android and iOS applications, and meets mobile web needs using HTML6 and responsive design

Mobile devices have had a tremendous impact on the way we live our lives, perform daily tasks, and conduct business. Innovation in mobile application development has created an abundance of new opportunities to further that impact into the foreseeable future.

Consumers of information and services are accustomed to operating through mobile devices. There is a growing need to extend the capabilities of existing enterprise systems to mobile/remote work forces and for Federal and non-profit organizations to leverage mobile apps to educate and engage their target audiences.

Segue's software development approach lends itself to mobile application success. Our approach to Discovery at project initiation ensures mobile apps that have clear function and purpose, adding value as a product or an added component of a business system. To ensure a positive user experience, our design and requirements teams make usability and intuitive layouts a priority.

Native Mobile Applications

Segue develops native iOS and Android applications for a wide range of current and commonly used mobile devices. We work closely with our customers to identify how these mobile applications can provide new capabilities and efficiencies for their businesses or enhance their existing web-based processes.

Native mobile applications provide a number of benefits over mobile websites, including enhanced interaction and gestures, notifications, superior performance, more efficient offline data support, and an enhanced user experience. Native applications also provide better integration with hardware-dependent functionality such as Near field communication (NFC), camera usage, etc.


Native iOS applications provide the ability to monetize apps through Apple’s App Store and in-app purchases. Combined with Segue’s mobile device testing lab and our in-house creative and usability experts, Segue provides our customers with complete product life cycle support for native iOS mobile apps.

Segue provides complete mobile application development, from envisioning and market research, through prototyping, design, development, testing and launch into the App Store. If you are creating an entrepreneurial mobile application based business or need help extending the reach of your existing enterprise business systems to mobile users, we can help!