How Does CMMI Level 3 for Development Improve Your Project?

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In 2017, Segue Technologies was appraised at CMMI Level 3 for Development. What does that mean, though? In short, it means we operate using processes that produce high quality products for our customers.



What CMMI Level 3 Means for Us

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. This is a process improvement framework that was developed over 20 years by Carnegie Mellon University and its partners in industry, government, and the Software Engineering Institute. The project came about following the institute’s research into organizations that consistently developed software on time and on budget.

No two software development companies are alike and, as explained by the CMMI Institute, CMMI isn’t a how-to handbook. It doesn’t define a company’s process. Instead, it provides a model of best practices that a company can compare its own processes to through an appraisal. Through this appraisal, the company is able to determine where it needs to improve its processes and find measurable ways to determine its own progress in doing so.

Appraisals measure how capable the company’s processes are as compared to the model. The CMMI-DEV model is used for organizations that develop products.Within the CMMI-DEV model, there are five maturity levels. If a company’s processes are poorly controlled, reactive, and unpredictable, then it is given a maturity level of 1. Level 2 maturity level is given to companies whose processes remain reactive and are often characterized for specific projects. At a Level 3 maturity, a company has developed proactive processes that are designed for the organization as a whole, rather than for a single project. Level 4 maturity is designated for companies whose process is measured and controlled, while a Level 5 designation is provided to companies whose primary focus is continuous improvement of its already defined processes.

How We Reached CMMI Level 3

In order to obtain our CMMI Level 3 for Development, Segue Technologies had to demonstrate to a third-party appraiser that our processes were defined and well understood and that they had been described in our standards, procedures, tools, and methods. The appraiser, from LuMark Technology, Inc., verified and validated the processes for our AppDev unit on two large application projects, a major sustainment effort, our overall Corporate Quality Assurance practices, and our Process Improvement Infrastructure.

Obtaining this maturity level is important to us as the AppDev unit goes at the heart of what we do, developing products and services for each of our major business divisions, including the DoD, USAF, USN/USMC, Federal Non-DoD, Non-Profit; Commercial, and Health IT. According to Executive Vice-President and Segue CMMI Appraisal Sponsor, Mike Behrmann, ”The verification and validation was rewarding as it demonstrated Segue’s high standards and commitment to quality software solutions. The appraisal gives the company confidence going forward with the knowledge that it has a strong foundation.”

What It Means For You

Have you ever worked with a company who couldn’t provide you with an accurate timeline? Have you ever dealt with projects that went over budget or had a service delivered to you that wasn’t what you asked for or wasn’t of the quality you expected? Dealing with a company that has been appraised at CMMI Level 3 for Development means you won’t have that type of experience.

What you will get, instead, is our commitment to the delivery of quality services and products, as discovered through decades of research and the development of these best practice models. That commitment dictates the entire lifecycle of your project from conception to delivery and maintenance. Because our processes are well-defined, we can provide you with accurate schedules and deliver high quality products to you when you expect them.

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