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Unwavering Drive for Automation: Say It, Do It, Prove It
“There is no argument, automation is absolutely essential in today’s information technology environment to support Airmen and Guardians in performing their missions. Advantages include higher productivity, more efficient use of resources, better quality, improved safety, and reduced lead times, especially as it relates to operations, security, and software. However, automation can be costly and must be deliberately implemented to be effective and achieve the desired results. MITS 2023 will explore the successes, downfalls, and the road ahead for automation within industry and government, taking into account policy, the development and retention of talent, and the introduction of processes and new technologies such as DevSecOps, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) which will forever change the operational, security, and software landscapes.” – AFCEA Montgomery Chapter, 2023 Montgomery IT Summit

Hosted by the Montgomery AFCEA Chapter, MITS 2023 allowed attendees to engage with speakers, panel members, and other Government and Industry leaders in understanding how the Government can work with their contractor partners to deliver collaborative IT solutions and make them operational in a timely and effective manner for the Warrior. Throughout the two-day event, engaging speakers and leaders from program offices highlighted the up-to- the-minute trends in Air Force programs and technology. It brought the best and brightest DoD and Industry Leaders to inform attendees of the current state of Information Technology and its use within the US Air Force. The BES portfolio Vendor Industry Day (VID) capped off MITS by pointing out future growth areas and newly developing business opportunities for Industry participants.

Segue’s President Matt Klapmust and Chief Strategist Matt Kelley attended the conference on our behalf this year and have a few tidbits of information to share:

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