Segue Technologies’ Blood Donor Mobile App Featured in Mashable Article

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Segue Technologies®’ Blood Donor Mobile application was featured in a recent article on Mashable– a “leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation”- titled “For Blood Drives, Tech Isn’t Worth the Effort.” The article, written by features writer Yohana Desta, discusses how, although blood centers have been slow to embrace new technological methods to attract donors, smarter technology, like the Blood Donor Mobile App, could help eliminate the chronic blood shortage the United States is currently facing.

Segue partnered with Yoko Co. to design and develop this mobile app for Inova Blood Donor Services (IBDS), an organization which supplies lifesaving blood and blood products to twenty four different hospitals in Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC, metro area. Segue developed the Inova Blood Donor mobile app to improve blood donation levels by making it easy to participate in blood drives. The app increases IBDS capabilities to interact with donors, enabling them to more easily find blood drives and make donations. It also enables users to more easily be notified of their eligibility to donate without requiring a phone call, which is intrusive, or a post card, which is frequently ignored. Additionally, the mobile application allows donors to learn more about IBDS and interact with them through social media. This also acts as a social media catalyst, enabling donors to spread the word about donation needs and upcoming drives.

Check out the app’s walkthrough here.

The IBDS Blood Donor Mobile App is available for iOS and Android