Segue Technologies Competes in Social Madness Competition

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Social Madness, the Business Journal’s annual Social Media competition, kicks off today with Segue Technologies® competing against all 22 nominees in the medium category. Segue is looking forward to some healthy competition, as well as an opportunity to spread the word about our company and its mission.

Competition Structure:

There are four local rounds, the first of which is open format and lasts from June 3 until June 17. Like with the March Madness competition, each round beyond that must be advanced into and will follow a bracket format, in which companies will go head to head. The winners of the local competition will then advance to the national round. Scoring in this competition is based upon two things:

  1. The amount of votes we receive on (you can vote once per device/computer per day)
  2. Social engagement on Segue’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn Company pages i.e. likes, comments and shares of our content,  but not the number of followers we have  or build (their algorithm does not take into account page likes, meaning likes on the account as a whole vs. likes on an individual post), follows or connections.

We Need Your Help!

Here is how you can help us during those two weeks:

  • Vote for Segue every day by going to and encourage your friends, family and coworkers to vote as well!
  • Interact with Segue on Social Media
    • Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ – comment, like and share our posts!
    • Twitter– Retweet our content as much as possible and tweet @seguetech to tag us in your tweets
    • Follow along with the competition and see where we stand throughout by visiting The standings will be updated each day but not in real time