Segue Technologies Advances to the National Round of Social Madness Competition

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Segue is proud to announce that we won the Washington DC regional competition (medium category) for the American City Business Journal’s second annual Social Madness competition. The regional competition ran from June 3 to July 8, with four successive rounds that whittled down the competition to determine the one to continue on to the national competition. Segue is excited to be able to represent the DC region and to continue competing with the goal of winning $10,000 for our charity, the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN).

Social Madness: The National Rounds

The National competition consists of the 44 winners of the regional competitions in each of the size categories competing in five rounds between July 16 and August 19. Just as in the regional competition, the first round will advance a pool of businesses to be seeded for bracketed competition starting in round two; Segue will need to place in the top 20. Scoring is based on votes for Segue on the Business Journal Social Madness site as well as follower interaction on our social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google +). We were honored by the support we’ve received thus far and we would love to continue and build upon this participation as the competition continues. Below is information on how to support Segue.

Vote for Segue Daily on the Social Madness Competition Site:

  1. Click here.
  2. Once you reach the social madness page, choose the Washington DC region (or any city, they all go to the National bracket) and click the MEDIUM category tab. Find Segue Technologies® on the list and click the green “VOTE” button
  3. You’ll be prompted to login in order to vote. You can either login using one of your existing social media accounts or you have the option to create an account on the Washington Business Journal’s website. It’s easy and will only take you a moment.
  4. Once your vote has been processed, you will have the option to share the fact that you voted through social media, however you do not have to do this if you prefer not to. If you do share, there is an automated message provided to the effect of “I just voted for Segue in the Social Madness competition, but if you may also enter your own message. Below is a sample:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+: I just voted for Segue Technologies in the American City Business Journal’s Social Madness competition. Join me and vote for them today in the Medium Category!

Twitter: I voted for @seguetech in the @bizjournal’s #Socialmadness competition. Join me & vote for them today! (Medium group)

Interact with Segue on our Social Media sites:

Activity on our social media sites is really the key to success and our strategy has been to share a mix of interesting content to include blog posts written by Segue staff, fun and informative items we’ve found, and excellent information about A-SPAN and their work. Commenting and liking posts on each of the platforms helps to build and sustain an online conversation.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ – comment, like and share our posts! We get points for all of these interactions!

Twitter– Retweet our content as much as possible and tweet @seguetech to tag us in your tweets

Follow along with the competition and see where we stand throughout by visiting The standings will be updated each day but not in real time.