AFM Application Sustainment

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AFM Application Sustainment

Segue Technologies® provides comprehensive application sustainment services, as well as a development team to modernize the Automated Funds Management system (AFM)


System Sustainment

About the Client

The Air Force Financial Systems Operations (AFFSO) main function is to support Funds Control, Funds Management, and Funds Distribution processes of the Air Force at the Air Staff and Major Command (MAJCOM) levels. The Automated Funds Management system (AFM) is a web-based application designed to assist Air Force financial managers by automating funds control, management, and distribution of appropriated funds at legal limits, down to the Major Command (MAJCOM) and base level for Air Force appropriations. AFM has automated internal controls, checks, and balances to verify detailed calculations for funds availability and not allowing distribution of funds that exceed Program Availability.

The Challenge

AFM supports approximately 700 Air Force Civil Service, Active Duty, Reserve, and Air National Guard personnel at the wing/base, MAJCOM, and Air Staff levels. AFM has interfaces with six systems, ABIDES and FMSuite, as inputs and outputs to EFD, DEAMS, GAFS-R and CRIS. But the most important input is from ABIDES, as this is the system that provides the annual President’s Budget request into AFM.

Under this contract, the government sought on-going sustainment support, as well as system modernization support for AFM. AFM operates on a Solaris 10 platform, the hardware is old and cannot be replaced, and the system needs to be modernized into a BEA/SFIS compliant environment. At the same time, AFM must be migrated to a new cloud environment and converted from a Solaris platform into a Redhat Linux platform that will operate more quickly and efficiently in the Amazon cloud environment.

The Solution

Segue provides comprehensive application sustainment services, as well as a development team to modernize AFM in parallel. As a system currently in use/production, sustainment support was paramount, in order to support the on-going mission. However, the modernization needs must also be met to ensure the system remains operational and compliant with AF information system requirements. Our development team initiated their support through a comprehensive requirements effort to identify the various functionalities of the system for the current production system and what would need to change i.e Weblogic to Tomcat, to become SFIS compliant and rehosted to the Amazon cloud in a Platform as a Service (PAAS) environment.

Sustainment efforts continue today with the Segue team expertly and rapidly addressing system change requests from all stakeholders including Senior Government officials at Air Staff. Each request is handled according to transparent and approved processes to ensure the fielding of well-designed and effective updates.

In parallel, our system enhancement team focuses effort on cloud migration and major system update activities. These efforts are consistently coordinated with sustainment contractor personnel and government personnel to minimize risks, address all cybersecurity requirements, and ensure the continued delivery of a highly capable and compliant solution.