AOC Communications Training Tool (ACTT)

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AOC Communications Training Tool (ACTT)

Segue Technologies® provides development and sustainment support for the USAF Air Operations Center (AOC) Communications Training Tool (ACTT)

About the Client

The Air Operations Center Communications Training Tool (ACTT) is a training framework for Air Operations Center (AOC) system and network administrators to accomplish Mission Qualification Training (MQT). ACTT provides an environment to conduct interactive training that is not possible on operational systems. It provides scenarios that focus on configuring AOC systems and troubleshooting common AOC problems. It also manages and documents training.

The Challenge

ACTT was a completed prototype and the system was in need of security, software, and hardware updates in order to resolve existent problems. The Air Force also needed the system to be further developed and upgraded, as well as tested, packaged, fielded, trained, and maintained. In addition to the technical competency to support ACTT, the government needed a contractor team with a thorough understanding of the AOC mission and this system’s role.

The Solution

Segue Technologies provides system development, sustainment and support, as well as information assurance, cybersecurity, quality assurance, program management, planning and reporting, and risk and configuration management for ACTT. Team Segue initially supported the project with comprehensive IT project planning, delivering a Systems Engineering Management Plan, as well as a Software Development Plan. From there, our team updated ACTT software and hardware, fixing code, vulnerabilities, and potential weakness to threat identified in the prototype system. Our staff also supports the ACTT user community by developing and delivering training materials and conducting training on the updated version of ACTT.