USMC MCRTAMS Application Sustainment

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USMC MCRTAMS Application Sustainment

Segue Technologies® provides technical services for enhancement and maintenance of MCRTAMS.


System Sustainment

About the Client

The Marine Corps Range and Training Area Management System (MCTRAMS) is a web-enabled, institutional-level, centrally-managed system which supports the Training and Education Command (TECOM). MCRTAMS provides commanders, operating units, range managers, and all cross-Military Service users with a single point of access for range-related capabilities and resources. 

The Challenge

The Marine Corps Ranges and Training Area Management System (MCRTAMS) provides metrics to relate range capabilities to specific training requirements using software and data tools. MCRTAMS provides Range Managers with a Tool Kit for safety, range use, range planning, and range support functions. It stores and provides Geographic Information System (GIS) data for ranges and training areas, and provides the USMC's integrated and readily available range inventory and training range database.

The Solution

Segue Technologies® provides technical services for enhancement and maintenance of MCRTAMS. Segue provides Program Management and program services to ensure mitigation of project risks, minimal schedule variances, adherence to budget compliance. We provide application development and support services to develop, enhance or maintain new or existing MCRTAMS Range Management or operational capabilities. We provide database and systems administrations services to design, implement, manage, and maintain RTAM databases and servers. Additionally, GIS support is required for IPIX, photo, and GIS Data Capture for USMC Ranges. Segue is also responsible for participating in various joint working groups and action teams to support USMC activities associated with sustaining, upgrading and modernizing USMC range and training areas (RTA's). Finally, we provide additional analytical support, presentations and other materials to assist RTAM with the evaluation, development and drafting of comprehensive plans to address range and training area operational constraints.