January 2015 Updates on USAF IT, BES, PEO & NETCENTS-2

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If you track Air Force IT, you’ll be very interested in this information. The NETCENTS-2 PMO at Gunter Air Force Base just posted a revised award schedule on January 20, 2015. While there is always a chance this schedule may not materialize into reality, after rounds of protests it appears that they are moving forward with some of the pending Application Services and Netops awards this spring.



Here’s the Revised Award Schedule the NETCENTS-2 PMO just put up:

  • EISM: Awarded Nov 2010. The Air Force is not using this much. There is talk of moving these requirements into GSA Oasis, but it’s unclear for now.
  • Application Services Small Business: Awarded June 2012. The AF is using this heavily with 12 primes and nearly 130 live task orders issued in FY2014. Over 300 million dollars have been obligated so far and we expect to see more heavy usage in 2015.
  • Products: Awarded December 2013. This is very active.
  • Application Services Full & Open: Award pending Feb/Mar 2015. It appears they have worked through protests. They did add some new primes from their initial award list.
  • Netops Small Business: Award pending Mar/Apr 2015.
  • Netops Full & Open, Award: Award pending Apr 2015.

BES/PEO Updates

The Business Enterprise Systems Program Executive Office has its headquarters at Gunter AFB in Alabama, but has significant elements of the PEO located at WPAFB in Ohio and Randolph AFB in Texas. They manage a significant chunk of the AF IT business systems portfolio.

Additional Resources:

  • Link to  BES PEO and Netcents-2 PMO:http://www.gunter.af.mil/(it Includes Netcents-2 information, including primes and BES Vendor Guide-Pipeline)
  • BES Industry events:  http://www.gunter.af.mil/library/publications/index.asp
  • Full BES Pipeline briefing in Montgomery at MITS in May:http://www.afceamontgomery.org/MITS

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