Why Should I Redesign My Website?

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As an IT company, the question of ”Why is it important to redesign my website,” comes up frequently. While the proper frequency for redesign and update is different for every individual case, as a virtual storefront, the why can apply equally to any website. Your website should be kept as up-to-date and as user-friendly as possible to keep the door to new business wide open. There are many reasons why you should update and evaluate your website (to see if a redesign is necessary) periodically including boosting search engine optimization, keeping up with technology and style trends, and to ultimately ensure your website is functioning properly and providing your website visitors with the best experience possible.

Why Should You Redesign Your Website?

In our experience, over time many customers grow unhappy with their previous website. As their business grows and expands, what worked a few years ago may no longer accurately reflect the quality and character of their business. Maybe their original budget limited the amount they could invest in their website, or their services and products may have expanded and need to be presented in a better way. Many customers are in need of a fresh look and feel and layout for an improved user experience, while keeping their logo branding, and much of their existing content. Another common need is to take better control of their content by implementing a content management system (CMS) that their internal (and potentially non-technical) staff can easily use, and reduce on-going maintenance costs associated with outdated websites.

Additional reasons we see for website redesign are:

  1. Boosting Search Engine Optimization
  2. Keeping up with the current technology and style trends
  3. Implementing a Responsive Design to improve the website’s usability on all device types and screen sizes, using a single content base.
  4. To ensure you’re providing your website visitors with the best possible experience

How does Segue Approach a Typical Redesign?

When a customer turns to Segue Technologies to redesign and redevelop their web presence according to their vision, we start by getting to know their brand, their services and reviewing (or grading) their current site against a heuristic review. Interviewing key customer personnel to understand existing problems to overcome, reviewing customer feedback, and creating a wish list of items for the new site is critical to building a proper understanding for the redesign effort.

Next, we will define a new workflow by developing wireframes to walk the customer through user scenarios. At the same time, our design team will start to create a selection of graphic design style guides for the new website. Each style guide will provide a different look and feel that represents the spirit of the brand while employing modern aesthetics and techniques. Segue then works closely with the customer to refine their chosen design further and applying it to the wireframes, resulting in an innovative and elegant product that matches their vision for their business.

When the design is set, we begin development in an iterative manner, keeping the client as up to date as possible as the new site takes shape. In most cases a completely new build is produced behind the scenes so there isn’t any interruption to the existing website. The client will also participate in periodic reviews along the way. This helps us to capture feedback early, ensure the site meets the customer’s expectations and answer questions that arise in the development process quickly.

Important Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Segue has developed and redesigned websites for clients in a wide variety of business spaces and has compiled a wealth of knowledge to share. Here are some other blogs we have written on website redesign that we recommend:

If, you’re looking to redesign your website, Segue Technologies can help you achieve your vision. Let us create a modern and fresh website that captures the true essence of your company and provides a better experience for your customers or community.

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