What’s the Air Force’s Most Pressing IT Challenge?

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According to David Hart, Segue’s Director of Sales and Marketing, the biggest IT issue facing the Air Force in 2013 is the need to modernize and consolidate their systems. Unfortunately, they will have to work around many issues including a declining budget, their 1,200 current IT systems that are not interoperable, as well as data tagging issues. They are currently not able to look at their enterprise and make efficient decisions.

So what does that mean for Segue? According to Hart, small businesses like Segue are uniquely positioned to deliver capability to the Air Force. A lot of these acquisitions we could see in 2013 will be smaller acquisitions and they have some large ERP efforts that they intend to execute on or are ongoing. Even within these, they want to break them up into smaller acquisitions that deliver capability quickly. Small businesses that are agile and can build the right kind of team can get the work executed more quickly and efficiently than larger integrators.

It means that when it comes to supporting the Air Force as well as the entire Federal Goverment- it’s a good time to be a small business! Segue, in particular, looks forward to vying for work as a prime on NETCENTS-2, creating strong partnerships and offering its services to help the government- wide push to meet small business goals.

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