NETCENTS-2: Year One in Review

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NETCENTS-2 (NC2) is an Air Force‐sponsored IT acquisition contract that Air Force customers use for procuring their “netcentric” Information Technology needs. Segue Technologies® is one of twelve prime contractors on this ID/IQ, that is used to procure services from qualified small businesses who can support task orders related to application development, sustainment, migration, integration, help desk support, training, testing and operational support underneath the ID/IQ terms and conditions.

Success Under NETCENTS-2

Segue has had an excellent first year under this contract vehicle. The company developed a strong team of businesses aligned with Air Force information systems known as“Team Segue,” and recently received a stellar Program Management Review. Segue’s 2013 NETCENTS-2 highlights include:

  • Four task order wins: ABIDES Database (Pentagon), Document Repository (Lackland, AFB) and CA Datacom Suite (Wright‐Patterson, AFB), Callegra Telephony
  • Segue bid ~62% of all the released solicitations (RFQ and RFI) – based on RFI traffic in 2013, there is a large stockpile of Air Force IT work aligned with NC2 SB
  • Segue has developed strong teaming relationships with various sized companies and currently has about 30 companies that we discourse with regularly on opportunities.
  • Segue has refined our NC2 B&P processes, by developing a solid foundation of templates, processes for rapid response, and reducing barriers to team building and solution definition
  • NETCENTS‐2 Task Orders are increasing in frequency and value, positioning Segue to regularly compete for larger ($5‐10 M/year) projects

In November, after undergoing a Program Management Review (PMR) for the NETCENTS-2 (NC-2) Contract, Segue received accolades for contract management, and was the only prime who scored “green” across the board on all the year’s required Contract Deliverables (CDRLs). The focus of the PMR was to review the opportunities and acquisitions that were released on the ID/IQ over the past year, review Segue’s performance as a Prime, and discuss any issues. Segue believes the ID/IQ NETCENTS-2 PMO is a great asset to the contract and serves the AF well in managing the overall contract for all the prime contractors.

Segue NETCENTS-2 Program Management Office

NETCENTS-2 Program Manager Cheryl Nicewaner is thrilled about how Segue is working with the Air Force’s NETCENTS-2 PMO and its customers to make the Application Services Small business companion a success. “We believe 2014 holds tremendous promise with this contract. There are a large number of opportunities scheduled for release in the next year and we are happy to support the Air Force in supporting the warfighter with innovative and effective Application Services” said Nicewaner. “In addition, this year we will continue to mature our partnerships and hand-pick companies with technical qualifications and customer relationships to support us.”

The Segue NETCENTS-2 PMO strives for top accolades for performance, with a mission of ensuring high quality solutions. We work closely with our teaming partners to understand the work represented by NETCENTS-2 Task orders and competitively bid for success under this contract. Our success is tied to the mutual benefit of our Air Force customers and our Team Segue partner companies.