Segue Technologies Becomes a Pega Authorized Partner

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Segue Technologies has been accepted into the new Pega Authorized Partners program!  Authorized partners possess core strengths and meet a prescribed set of sales, presales, and technical requirements. As an Authorized Partner, Segue is now eligible to receive valuable Pega benefits and incentives and a listing on Pega’s Partner Finder, providing greater ability to grow and differentiate our Pega Business. The highly achievement-focused partnering program is designed to motivate partners to specialize in specific Pega solutions, verticals, and territories. 

Pega Authorized Partner

At the same time, Pega’s Academy has also been revamped into modular learning units to give Pega learners quick access to needed expertise to apply it more rapidly in a learn-as-you-go method. While Pega certifications continue to be the primary achievement-focused goal of Pega skill-builders, Pega Achievement Badges build a company’s reputation and value as a Pega Partner, demonstrating a commitment to excellence. Pega Academy courses have been replaced by Missions which consist of Modules, Challenges, Tests, and Exercises. Successful completion of Missions results in a Pega Achievement Badges and they surface in the My Pega profile and are a good way to distinguish staff unique skillsets and expertise. The Segue Pega-certified staff of 14 has over 24 certifications total and Segue staff overall have earned over 124 Badges since their introduction into the new Pega Academy!

Pega has also updated their Deal Registration process. By registering new opportunities, solutioning partners can join forces with Pega sales, support value-add selling and optimize financial returns. The updated deal registration process is designed to produce more positive business outcomes. Involving a Pega sales team member early in the process helps bolster our business strategies and marketing posture and help us customize solutions in the forms of demo development, proof of concepts, partner relationships and other customer engagements.

Segue is eager to translate our partnership with Pega into success stories for future and current customers by combining our experience building enterprise-wide Pega framework applications and our commitment to staying on top of cutting-edge Pega technologies and tools. The result is a positive outcome for Segue staff, our business prospects and financial success – and ultimately and most importantly – our Pega customers.

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