Segue Wins Contract for G/TIMS Development

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Segue Technologies® was awarded a contract to support the Air Education and Training Command (AETC/A5T) Graduate /Training Integration Management System (G/TIMS). As a core objective of this work, Segue will leverage the commonalities of the legacy TIMS and GTIMS systems, and merge their capabilities into a new baseline G/TIMS application. This effort will enable more operationally suitable and cost effective support.

Under this contract, Segue will provide:

  • Software Engineering
  • Sustainment of legacy software and architecture
  • Implementation / Deployment of G/TIMS to new customer sites
  • Site Product support and Tier 2/3 technical services
  • System Analysis and Engineering
  • Information Assurance support
  • Program integration support

The TIMS, GTIMS and modernized G/TIMS applications are part of a portfolio of IT systems / services managed by the AETC IT Service Provider (ITSP). This is a Defense Enterprise Service Management Framework (DESMF)-based construct used to manage the development, sustainment, and operations of AETC’s Recruiting, Training, and Education (RT&E) IT systems and services.  This new system (G/TIMS) will streamline AETC processes in their mission of training aircrew for a variety of aircraft and roles, including: fighter, tanker, transport, rotary and other. This contract will benefit multiple customer spaces, to include: AETC, Air Mobility Command (AMC), Air Combat Command (ACC) and the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE).