Segue Awarded SBIR Phase II Contract

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Segue Technologies® was awarded a Phase II contract from the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program, to continue our efforts begun under the AF191-011 Pitch Day Investment in Digital Technology.

The objective of Segue’s SBIR Phase I proposal was to work closely with an Air Force organization (AFLCMC/HIBE) responsible for a portfolio of business systems, to identify a specific legacy set of defined capabilities and demonstrate a methodology to use business process engineering to successfully migrate those capabilities to the Cloud. Segue combined our phased approach for system engineering, the Segue Process Framework (SPF), with a leading Cloud development platform Pegasystems Pega 8, to define repeatable migration processes and build a prototype of a legacy system in the Cloud. This solution not only helps the Air Force with their cloud migration mandates, but it also takes an application rationalization approach to identifying and combining related capability into an enterprise platform.

Segue’s Phase II will extend the Phase I prototype to include:

  • Demonstrating the successful reuse of software code provided by an organization with a similar mission, to include focus on: Enterprise Architecture, Workflow Customization, Organizational Structure, Checklist, Dashboard / Metric Reporting, and Other components
  • Evaluating other existing Air Force applications that perform functions like those within the prototype as well as pending requirements for other applications to identify core and common functionality. Demonstrating the ease with which these applications could be incorporated into a future Air Force solution using the Pega Platform.
  • Evaluating and demonstrating the ability to seamlessly accept, support and enhance applications developed within the Pega Platform by a different organization or development team. Demonstrate the ability of applications developed within the Pega Platform to contain all necessary code, business rules, data, documentation and configuration management assets needed for a Pega developer to easily support and enhance without any prior knowledge of that application.