Executive Vice President Ron Novak Featured on American Airlines’ Talk Business 360 Inflight TV Program

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If you are flying American Airlines this fall, keep an eye out for Segue Technologies’ own Executive Vice President Ron Novak discussing our Discovery Process. Ron was interviewed by AA’s inflight TV program, Talk Business 360, which is focused on business class passengers. You can also check out the full ad below:

In the interview, Ron discusses some of the most common challenges facing companies in developing custom software, and how Segue has developed an approach to relieve some of those pain points.

Common Problems with Custom Software Projects

Project Scoping is one of the most critical parts of the development process. However, many companies struggle to accurately define the scope of their project and to thoroughly document what they want their application to do, which is often why so many projects run over budget, are delayed, or fail completely.

Segue’s Approach to Relieving Custom Software Development Problems

Segue’s Discovery process helps to scope the size and complexity of our software projects. We work with potential customers to refine their vision of their intended application, develop a deeper understanding of the functionality and related business rules, and to garner enough information to provide a reasonable cost estimate for development. This process is called Discovery.

Ultimately, Discovery ensures that investment produces an appli­cation that does what you need, is easy to use, looks great, and represents your organization well. To find out more about this process, download our eBook “Segue’s Discovery Process” below.