Segue Launches Community Health Center Mobile App

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Community health centers provide essential medical services to underserved populations. Patients at these centers pay what they’re able based on income.

As part of Segue’s interest in health IT, consumer engagement, and mobile technology, we developed an application for Android and iOS that allows patients to:

  • Find, contact, and navigate to their local health centers
  • View Center for Disease Control (CDC)-recommended vaccines and get information about them
  • View a CDC news feed containing current health-related news

The app is populated with health center locations provided by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Vaccine and news feeds are provided by the CDC and are always up to date.

The goal of this application is to engage consumers in these underserved populations using technology that is readily available to them. Many members of these communities often do not have computers at home, but very often use have and use smartphones. By using government-provided data and wrapping it in a consumer-friendly package, Segue is able to assist community residents in taking control of their healthcare.

To help adoption with this application, design and usability were key factors. Careful attention to detail resulted in one of our more visually appealing applications. This visual design blends seamlessly into the interface, allowing for an overall easy and intuitive experience for users.

mobile app screen shot 1   mobile app screen shot 2  Mobile application screen shot 3