AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific Conference

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TechNet Indo-Pacific’s in Honolulu, HI theme this year was “Enabling a More Effective Combined Force through Digital Modernization.” The conference focused on the regional issues that military leaders have identified, including a full spectrum of cyber operations. The event was co-sponsored by AFCEA International and AFCEA Hawaii, with their primary goal being collaboration between industry and government and how the two can overcome the challenges at hand as a team.

Segue attended with a primary interest in Legacy System modernization, which is a common need across the aging DoD IT infrastructure. Segue’s experience redeveloping and migrating systems is applicable throughout the DoD customer space. Leveraging relationships and industry events such as TechNet Indo-Pacific gives us the ability to provide capabilities the DoD is seeking and help them to fulfill their IT mission objectives to modernize and move to the cloud.

With strong experience in the Air Force, Segue is seeking partnerships to apply our system modernization capabilities to additional DoD customers, particularly US Navy and Marine Corps. With our current modernization work for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) we are excited to see what technologies are discussed at TechNet Indo-Pacific for future use in the DoD!

Segue is particularly interested in Cloud Based Internet Isolation, to see how it will be applied to the various systems we support on the Navy, Marine Corps and US Air Force networks.