Segue Business Development: Riding a Strong 2017 into a Promising 2018

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Segue had a fantastic 2017 from a Business Development standpoint, with significant growth through new contracts and continued solid support of our existing work. This year, we focused on two primary business verticals: Air Force and Other DoD/Federal Customers. However, as a small business, these verticals are closely aligned and so it is possible to leverage each other’s partnerships and capabilities through integrated BD and B&P teams. Across both verticals, our core competencies are in Federal information system support projects, with a range of services such as:

Growth Highlights for 2017

Winning new contracts, and retaining our existing work has pushed our total staff to a new high, continuing our trend of steady growth in personnel over the past few years. Our Dayton office, in particular, has seen significant growth this year. We’re excited to see this expansion and have new people join our team every week, particularly where they spread our footprint to new locations and bring new experiences and capabilities. Check out the map below to see the states where we are currently supporting projects.

Map of Segue Projects- Dec 2017

Segue had tremendous support from partners this year, in both pursuing and winning work. This allowed us to maximize our responses to NETCENTS-2 (NC2) Application Services Small Business (ASSB) task orders, as well as submit bids to new customer spaces.

Customer Focus for 2018

Our Air Force vertical continues to be a strong part of our business, but the capabilities we have there apply to all DoD and other Federal customer spaces. The NC2 ASSB contract vehicle continues to provide Segue with significant opportunities to prime task orders, expanding our portfolio of development and sustainment IT service work and our customer base across the various AF directorates. We are looking to continue to leverage NC2 ASSB into 2018 as one of 6 remaining prime contractors.

Outside of the Air Force, our focus has been building an understanding of key customers with IT support needs similar to current Segue projects and building a strong team of partners to identify and pursue opportunities with. Through this focus we have been able to win some key contracts and create a solid foundation for future growth.