National Public Health Week 2013: Improving Public Health Through Health IT and Mobile Technology

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Segue Health is recognizing National Public Health Week (NPHW) 2013 by partnering with hundreds of organizations nationwide to promote this year’s theme, “Public Health is ROI: Save Lives, Save Money.”

Since 1995, the American Public Health Association has organized this important week to facilitate a national, state and local conversation in order to recognize and promote public health. This year’s theme was developed to, “highlight the value of prevention and the importance of well-supported public health systems in preventing disease, saving lives and curbing health care spending.” The national dialogue surrounding the consistent growth in Health Information Technology (IT) and Mobile/Digital Health addresses the two topics of prevention and well-supported public health systems.



Health IT and Digital Health are able to address prevention and improve public health systems because they offer us ownership and control of our health information. With the rapid increase of health applications available via smart phones, tablets, PCs, etc., people are now able to control and monitor their health behaviors and habits. These new technologies help us to do the following:

  1. Empower us with current and useful health information for personal management.
  2. Strengthen our commitment/accountability to lead healthier lifestyles.
  3. Open up a dialogue with peers and healthcare providers.
  4. Create a digital community to go to for guidance and advice.
  5. Answer and prompt new questions surrounding our healthcare.
  6. Allow physicians to seamlessly communicate with each other.

During National Public Health Week we will promote the importance of Health IT and Digital Health/Mobile Health technologies for disease prevention and the improvement of public health systems. Through our social media network we plan to post information relevant to this year’s theme, information provided by NPHW, and critical information about Health IT and Mobile Health apps.

Segue Health is a proud sponsor of the National Public Health Week and we will do our part to help improve and promote public health.