• December 30th, 2019
    Air Force Globetrotter Becomes Segue Facility Security Officer

    Supporting high-profile missions is nothing new to Kristina Dummars, a former Air Force Staff Sergeant who separated in 2008. She used to travel the world with the Senate and Congress for meetings with foreign dignitaries to help develop and maintain working relationships with U.S. allies. During he…

  • Segue 2019 Wrap Up
    December 20th, 2019
    Segue, Wrapping up a Great Year!

    Segue looks back on a solid year of growth and building more potential for the future. We are poised to support system modernization and cloud migration, and we are also fortunate to be able to give back to Veterans, who are at the core of the services we provide.

  • November 27th, 2019
    Ranger, Skydiver, Leader: Segue’s David Hart has a heart of gold

    Each year hundreds of combat wounded veterans and Gold Star families descend on Dayton, Ohio, to partake in an enriching, life-changing experience called Warrior Weekend to Remember (WWTR), funded by the Blue Skies for the Good Guys and Gals Warrior Foundation (BSG3).  BSG3 was founded by…

  • November 18th, 2019
    AFCEA Alamo Ace Conference – 2019

    Segue attended the 2019 AFCEA Alamo ACE conference, hosting 2 booths for engagement on DoD system modernization and Veteran outreach.

  • November 4th, 2019
    From Ranger to CEO, the Story of Segue’s President Brian Callahan

    “The Ranger motto, ‘Sua Sponte,’ continues to guide my leadership philosophy at Segue,” said Callahan. “it’s about nurturing a corporate environment where technical experts and program managers are encourage to take initiative, and are empowered to push themselves and Segue for continual improvement…

  • segue-news-AFITC-2019-MAIN
    August 29th, 2019
    2019 AFITC IT and Cyberpower Conference

    Segue had a strong showing at the Air Force AFITC IT and Cyberpower conference in Montgomery AL, with great engagements with industry and government on system modernization needs.