Marine Theater Battle Manager Brings Corps’ Air Wing Experience to SAF/IA Segue Mission

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ARLINGTON, Virginia – At remote airfields in Iraq and Afghanistan, then Sgt. Benjamin Nelson administrated the Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS), which is a set of software systems used by all U.S. military air wings to plan and execute missions through airborne resources.

Nelson was the Lead Administrator for the TBMCS as well as a certified Aviation Radio Operator/Technician, and deployed to Iraq in 2008/09 as a Corporal and Afghanistan in 2011/12 as a Sergeant.

As a Sergeant he still maintained automated airspace deconfliction, and allow inter-service communication, but also led a team to complete this mission.

Now Nelson is the lead IA Link Site Collection Administrator and, through Segue, supports the Secretary of the Air Force International Affairs by providing SharePoint Site Collection Administration as well as customization and user/data management.

“Discipline is what I primarily took from the Marine Corps as it pertains to almost everything in work and school. From time management to self-management,” said Nelson, who was awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his level of dedication to his work in stabilizing SharePoint for the Marine Air Wing at Cherry Point Air Station, N.C.

Nelson served nine years in the Corps, and separated as a Staff Sergeant in 2014. He feels the discipline, loyalty and integrity he learned as a Marine make him a valuable asset to Segue. He has been working at Segue for about five years.

“Since working with Segue I have expanded my abilities with SharePoint far beyond what I thought I was capable of, in terms of coding and design,” said Nelson. 

When asked how serving in the military has impacted how he views himself as an American citizen, Nelson replied, “I don’t necessarily look at myself differently as we all improve throughout life. However, I will say, my outlook on stress and hardships has narrowed. Meaning, I feel I have a higher tolerance for such things.”

The single most important aspect Nelson likes most about Segue was summed in two words, “the people.”