The Benefits of Working for Segue Technologies: Professional Development

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The Benefits of Working for Segue Technologies: Professional Development

At Segue Technologies®, our employees are our most valuable resource, which is why we consider their professional development a priority. We encourage our employees to think about long term goals and future career plans. To help employees hone existing job skills or gain new ones, we offer employee mentorship, as well as training and educational opportunities. We also continually provide feedback and suggest new challenges during annual reviews.

Employee Mentorship

Our focus on continuous professional growth begins on the first day of employment. During our onboarding process, new employees learn about the organization, and its culture and values. Current employees serve as new hire mentors for new employees and are available to answer questions, introduce them to the staff, and help to make them feel comfortable and part of the team. Open lines of communication between employees and supervisors are also encouraged, which allows employees to discuss career goals, receive instruction, and gain valuable feedback year-round.

Training and Education Opportunities: Individual Training

To increase the collective knowledge of our team we encourage our employees to train in relevant subjects and applications using external resources. Segue offers paid training starting on the first day of employment. We also offer tuition reimbursement for employees that have completed one year of employment. We believe this gives our employees the freedom to select the best way for them to learn.

Additionally, the company puts extra emphasis on making sure that its leadership, from first-time managers to senior executives, gets special training and development so they can do their jobs well and help others in the process.

Training and Education Opportunities: Company-Wide Training

Corporate-wide training can focus on a variety of topics from personal wellness to everyday skills for the workplace. We recently focused on communication, which we believe is paramount to a successful team. We believe that awareness of our own communication styles and behaviors, while learning to better understand and adapt to the style and behavior of others, helps everyone work better together.

Annual Reviews

Another part of our professional development approach is our annual performance and development reviews. Supervisors work with team members to identify challenging goals for each employee that will make the most impact for the organization and provide personal professional development. The performance and development review is also a chance for employees and supervisors to discuss an employee’s performance, providing praise for excellent work and suggestions for potential growth.

What does our team have to say about Segue’s Professional Development?

“My supervisors have always been very supportive of training. They encourage me to take courses that expand my skill set, as well as make me a more marketable asset for the company. Instead of just growing employees’ skills to match the company’s needs, they look for ways to grow the company based on employees’ interests. They routinely ask what employees are interested in doing and what training they are need to meet their interests.”

– Nicole Pearson, Business Analyst

Mark Shapiro

“Segue helped me get my Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and regularly provides opportunities for training and professional conference attendance.  Additionally, working for Segue I have had countless opportunities to expand my exposure to new technologies through internal, proof of concept, and other exploratory applications of technology.”

– Mark Shapiro, Senior Architect Application Development

Dawn Price

“Segue provides learning sites to help me learn new skills and improve the ones I have.”

– Dawn Price, Software Engineer

Gabriel Orengo

“Being my first real development experience outside of school projects, Segue is helping me gain much needed experience to start my career as a software developer.”

– Gabriel Orengo, Pega Software Developer

Carly Peak

“Coming to Segue as a Design Intern right out of college, I came here with a ton of experience in using all sorts of design tools. One thing I didn’t have experience with was utilizing development methodologies on a project team. Throughout my years at Segue I’ve learned the ins and out of Agile project management and it has helped me grow tremendously from client interactions to managing my projects.”

– Carly Peak, Graphic Designer

Nikki Brown

“I was given the opportunity to become part of the Accounting Team and it’s been the best decision ever. I’ve learned so much from Lyda Mitchell, our VP Of Operations.”

– Nikki Brown, Accounts Receivable Manager

We encourage employees to take initiative, focus on the future, deliver quality services, work hard to achieve results and improve every day. We believe the outcome will be positive results, and recognizing this is part of what makes our company a great place to work.

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